Wow! What a Year!

Wow! What a Year!

Wow! What a Year!

Gang, 2022 has been a series of amazing adventures at WhimsicallyFrazzled!

After our first solid Holiday Season, I expected a lull, but wound up doing a really cool commission for a client that incorporated new artwork and custom mugs and pouches for a corporate retreat swag bag. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing more large custom projects in the future, e.g., bridal party favors, groomsmen gifts, anniversary party favors, and other events.

This summer I ventured out IRL to sell at the Artisans Market in Providence, Rhode Island on the occasional Saturday. Wow, it was hot under that tent, unless I got lucky enough to get a spot under a tree. I survived initiation (a dog peed on my tent pole sandbag while its yooman pretended not to notice) and am now a bona fide Market Seller.

In between markets, I completed Speed Freaks and Adrenaline Junkies, which features a sloth, koala, and slow loris, three of the slowest animals on the planet, doing extreme sports. Why should they miss out on the fun of zip lining and sky diving? If you look carefully, you'll spot Fed Up Frank hang gliding in the corner.

I almost forgot! Our whirlygig hat wearing capybara mascot is officially called Fed Up Frank now, and he looks forward to having a larger role in the running of things around here. Baby steps, Frank.

Most recently WhimsicallyFrazzled had a booth at the Fine Furnishings Show in Providence, and what fun! I met some amazing people, outstanding artists and fantastic customers. Everyone had a good laugh at the artwork, which is exactly what WhimFrazz aims to achieve!

Speaking of shows, if you're in the Providence area December 3-4, I'll be back at the WaterFire Arts Center on Valley Street for the Holiday Market. Stop by!

Time to make sure the website is spruced up for the holidays! 



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