Our First Holiday Season!

Our First Holiday Season!

Our First Holiday Season!

Welcome, Everyone!

It's our First Holiday Season at WhimisicallyFrazzled, and we're so excited to help everyone celebrate! We're starting the sale now to get in the holiday mood - 10% off one item (automatic discount) or 20% off three or more items (use code 20OFF3).

It's been a fun and exciting year creating our shop to share art and joy! There are new artworks, new products (I'm especially excited about the puzzles), and new stuff in the works for 2022!

There's also a work-in-progress to bring products to a local art gallery/studio space...I'll tell you more about that soon.

We're learning as we go, and after some bumps and bruises, we've got things somewhat organized and settled...for the moment. Those of you who know me well, know that I'll be changing things again and again. There's always a "yeah, but what if we did this...?" kind of vibe around here. Luckily, Todd, Zubie, and Nessie are used to the madness.

I've got a crazy new painting in the works, I'll share it soon. In the meantime, have fun shopping!

Cheers!                                                                                                    ~Christie


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