Welcome to WhimsicallyFrazzled!

WhimsicallyFrazzled is a ragtag collection of my (occasionally ridiculous) paintings inspired by my love of animals (capybaras, anyone?) with the odd floral piece thrown in for gravitas.

Some of the images were commissioned by clients with a specific need. Others, like Problem Solvers - Parachuting Penguins, came alive because Todd (husband extraordinaire) wandered into my studio one day and very blithely said, "ya know, penguins should really be able to fly." Done!

If you need something fun to hang on your walls, sip coffee from, or dry the dishes with, WhimsicallyFrazzled is the place for you.

I happily take suggestions and requests and commissions. Pet portraits are always welcome, and if your pet happens to be a capybara, you are my new favorite human.

Oh, one more thing. Fed Up Frank is the official WhimsicallyFrazzled spokes-capybara. He's not really as curmudgeonly as he looks, but obviously I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell him I said so. He thinks he's got mad bad-boy vibes and street cred.


I was so excited when this artist opened her shop. I've purchased her tees and dresses and the quality is excellent. The print is clear and the fit is perfect. Highly recommend!

Suzanne U

I love my totes! The whimsical prints are great! You won’t see anything like them. The bags are well constructed but light weight enough to be stashed in my backpack for a stop at the store. Just ordered 2 more as gifts. Shipping time as expected. This shop is so much fun!!

Mary Anne B

Christie did an incredible commission of our dog for me, as a birthday gift for my daughter. She worked quickly from photos, checking in frequently so I could see & confer in progress. The beautiful result not only captured a precious face, but a glimpse of his personality. Highly recommend.

Susan W

I love love love this bag! Bought it for my impending gurus’ trip to the beach. Yay!

Rayandra S

I LOVE this artwork! The pillow is comfy, and adorable!

Kari H

Absolutely beautiful, lovely colors and quality, so nice to look at. Great print and paper quality. Delivery on time an packaged well. Look forward to making future purchases.

Lori A

I LOVE your artwork!
As one of those Twitter friends who worship at the webbed feet of capybaras, I am so excited and delighted to have watched you go ahead with this wonderful store!
Everything you paint brings a smile to my face! I cherish my painting of Mrs. Henrietta McGuinnea. I wish I could post her picture here for everyone to see how delightful she is.

Sylvia D

I bought a blanket as a gift. It’s fun, practical and super cozy! Very nice material and well made. Now I have to get one for myself! I also paired ornaments and tea towels to give as gifts this holiday season. They are so nice and very reasonably priced. Can’t beat the awesome sales too!

Maggie K

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It all started with a Fed Up Capybara...

And you thought penguins couldn't fly...

Problem Solvers