Giraffic Park Jigsaw Puzzle (252 or 500)

This latest bit of silliness came about because I was having a bit of painter's writer's block, and was mumbling about not knowing what to paint next. Without missing a beat, Todd said, "Giraffic Park." And after stammering, "...wut...but, how would...I mean, I could, can...yeah, okay, I'll be back..." And, here we are.
Friends have made the very interesting comment that they never saw the green guy, and then...suddenly, he was there! Have fun!

This jigsaw puzzle is made to deliver wholesome downtime for friends & family. Made with high-quality chipboard pieces, our puzzle is available in 252-Piece and 500-Piece variations to choose from. The 252-Piece & 500-Piece puzzles are ideal for ages 9+. Ships in gift-ready metal box for a show-stopping presentation.

.: 252 or 500 precise interlocking pieces
.: Satin finish image sublimated on chipboard
.: Comes in a metal tin